Los Angeles : Day Two

So today I realized what was so weird about downtown LA. Yesterday I felt like a vital part was missing, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then, it struck me – where the heck was STARBUCKS?! Seriously, downtown isn’t downtown without one on at least every corner!! I really am in a foreign country.


Today was day two at the fabric trade show. We placed our very first order today, which was pretty exciting.

Also, found this hidden gem of a silk supplier tucked away on the 7th floor (the trade show was happening on the top floor of the California Market Centre). Pays to stray onto the beaten path! Super excited to place an order here tomorrow.

After spending way too long of such a beautiful day inside, my mum and I opted to go to this awesome outdoor shopping mall called “The Grove”. We were hoping to go to Santee Alley, but the place closed at 6! Perhaps tomorrow 🙂

Glad we went here though! Such a beautiful place, and check out that trolly! Neat-o!!

Another reason I’m giving props to this place : they played classy-jazzy tunes OUTSIDE! Felt like something outta a movie, only the soundtrack was actually happening right then and there.

Was playing around with my cameras functions, and managed to take this photo of my mum walking ahead of me. The sun was setting, and the light was so pretty. Surprised I got this photo, cause I had switched to the crappy lens my camera came with because my 50mm is locked to zoom in waaaaay too much.

We were gonna go to one of the fancy looking restaurants situated in The Grove, but then we stumbled into the Farmer’s Market. It’s kinda like Granville Island, but surrounded by mall rather than water. My mum and I shared a de-licious pulled pork dinner plate 🙂

Another picture from The Grove. Seriously – this place was so pretty.

After spending way too much on clothes, my mum and I decided to grab dessert (aka eat our sorrows away) at The Cheesecake Factory! You’re lookin’ at a peanut butter cup cheesecake. So good oh-ma-gosh.

– Merly Bayona

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